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Posters (See Tabs Poster1-Poster28)

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1. Contact with and Attitudes Towards Individuals with Physical Disabilities Among Undergraduates, Armendariz, Victoria WINNER

2. Analysis of the changes in acquisition of resistance to bacteriostatic and bactericidal drugs by Escherichia coli, Besil Rodriguez, Gloria

3. DNA barcoding for Ligustrum japonicum, Bhatt, Asha

3A. The role of dpy-11 within C. elegans in maintaining organ morphogenesis and observable reversion in dpy-11 mutants, Bhatt, Asha; Foster, Andrea

4. History- A revelation, Burns, Julia Honorable Mention.

5. DNA Barcoding, Cantu, Eddie

6. Human immunodeficiency virus and its Impact in the Latin American Community (El Virus de la Inmunodeficiencia Humana y sus efectos en la comunidad latina), Cantu, Eddie; Bostic, Nickalus; Maradiago, David; Perez, Rosemary Honorable Mention.

7. Huckleberry Finn: Racist Propaganda or American Classic?, Clarke, Allison

8. The Perception of Lawyers, Diaz, Jovani WINNER

9. Analyzing the Molecular-level Roles and Effects of Small Molecule Inclusions in Crystallization Experiments Involving Lysozyme and DmxA, Holmes, JB

10. Analysis of Chloride and TDS Levels along the Buffalo Bayou, Jacob, Marian; Eapen, Jeffery

11. To Spear the Sphere, Martz, Monica

12. DNA Barcoding, Mathew, Ebby

13. Analysis of unc-22 mutant phenotype in Caenorhabditis elegans, Odey, Ochuko; Villanueva, Grace

14. Analysis of Buffalo Bayou Waterway, Odey, Ochuko; Tadros, Meena; To, Alyce

15. The Relationship between Social Networking and “real life” Interaction, O’Neill, Robert

16. Growth and Characterization of PEDOT:PSS and Carbon Nanotube Composite Structures for Excitonic Solar Cells, Owens, Constance WINNER

17. Measuring Nitrate Levels Along Buffalo Bayou, Patail, Nimrah

18. Measuring Lysozyme Solubility as a Function of pH, Portillo, Carmen

19. Pollution along Buffalo Bayou, Quach, Jessica; Robinson, Corey; Maradiago, David

20. Muscle dystrophy in Caenorhabditis elegans, Roy, Sarath; Brandow, Christopher

21. The effects of Silencing ERM-1 gene in Caenorhabditis elegans, Sabharwal, Kiran

22. Oil-Degrading Microbes: Bioremediation of Cooking Oils, Sabharwal, Kiran; Nguyen, Trinh; Salinas, Rure

23. Applying the Method of DNA Barcoding to Identify Ilex x attenuata, Troung, Julia

24. Using Microbial Communities with Cellulolytic Activity to Create Biofuels, Truong, Lindy; Cerda, Vanessa; Jimenez, Steven

25. Use of DNA Sequencing for the Identification of Epipremnum aureum, Contreras, Loren


26. Developing an oligobody for highly sensitive detection of FPN1 on O-2A progenitor cells, Contreras, Loren

27. Determining the binding domain of the Z-DNA binding protein for the negative regulatory element of the ADAM-12 gene, Chang, Jordan Honorable Mention.

28. Regulation of tissue transglutaminase in Celiac Disease, Ng, Zui Keat

Oral Presentations List (See Tabs Oral1-Oral11)

  1.  Hemingway's fiction as literary journalism, Deggs, Michael WINNER

   2.  The Tension of Love and Honor, Balkum, Lesleigh  Honorable Mention.

  3.  Development of a General Chemistry Lab Experiment, Jara, Rosario

  4.  The Individual vs. Society in Mrs. Dalloway and The Hours, Carlisle, Megan

  5.  Synthesis, Structure, and Electrochemical Characterization of Ru2(2,4,6-(CH3)3ap)3(O2CCH3)Cl (ap = 2-anilinopyridinate anion); A Mixed-Ligand Diruthenium(III,II) Complex with an Unusual Arrangement of the Bridging Ligands, Ramirez, Kevin  Honorable Mention.

   6.  Societal Influences on the Characters of Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence, Najera, Leonel

  7.  Quantum Gravitational Effects and the Generalized Uncertainty Principle, Meyers, Vincent; Owens, Constance

  8.  Illegitimate Authority and Cycles of Revolution in Huckleberry Finn, Povloski, Kimberly  Honorable Mention.

  9.  PCR Detection of Naegleria fowleri in Texas Lakes, Ghosn, Jean WINNER

10. Determination of Ethanol in Solutions by Gas Chromatography, Ramirez, Kevin

11. An Investigation of Porphyrin Macrocycles With and Without Coordinated Organic Substituents in Aqueous Media by UV-Visible and Emission Spectroscopy, Portillo, Carmen; Ramirez, Kevin  Honorable Mention.