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Library Research and Study Skills: Help in Finding Library Materials

This guide will help you with your study skills, library research, and time management.

Searching for Books

Finding Books in Moody Library

The books listed in this guide are only a sampling of the books available to you as a library user.  The library has two different methods for searching for books,
Browse or Keyword.

The "Classic Browse Search" is usually used when you know the title of a book, the author that you are looking for, or the exact subject heading for the topic.   Be sure to use the down arrow to choose the type of search that you wish to make.  When you are searching for diseases or medical conditions, you often just have to search for the name directly.  When you do not know the title or author, it is often best to use the "Classic Keyword Search", which allows you to put in search words for your topic in any order. 

Classic Catalog Search

 Classic Browse Search:

Do an EXACT SEARCH for materials in the Library Catalog

Finding Journal Articles

When working on a research project, you should use periodical articles as well as books as sources.  While books often give an overview of a subject, periodical articles often focus on a narrow aspect of a subject.  When you already know the name and citation of a specific article, use the library's A-to-Z Publication Locator to search for online editions of the specific journal in the citation. 

Usually, however, you do not know the name of a good article.  In that case you will want to use a periodical index to find a good article on a specific subject.  Moody Library has many different periodical indexes--many that cover specific subjects.  Below are some general periodical indexes that cover all subjects.


Electronic Books (E-Books)

HBU's Moody Library has access to more than 100,000 electronic books (e-books).  These books come in two major collections: ebrary and eBooks on EBSCOhost.