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Your 24/7 guide for research tips that are designed to help you create your paper from start to finish.

What's This Guide All About?

What's in this for me?

The library's vision is to help make HBU students the best researchers around.

Given HBU’s central confession that “Jesus Christ is Lord,” William L. Moody Library seeks to help all students by endowing them with critical research skills with a high degree of satisfaction so their current research can springboard and become “useful vessels” to empower their future organizations, their lives, and to honor Christ (II Timothy 2:21-22; Isaiah 64:8; Colossians 1:9-15).

This is the what drives us in our quest to make your outstanding students! The skills in this guide are surprisingly easy when you learn how, but the problem is just make them a habit. A lot of research skills are downright simple to learn yet many stubbornly cling to their old ways of doing things. How you would you like to learn how to narrow millions or thousands of results into a few hundred relevant article possibilities and not waste your entire evening going through them all? Then you have come to the right place! This guide attempts to consolidate all of the best research tips and tools into one location to help guide you through the research process. These will include both videos and tutorials. None of these modules are lengthy reading and the videos may run up to 7 minutes. Many of these topics will be things you have not considered including in your research. We hope this will create new ways of thinking and improving your results and help you become more efficient with your time.

This guide includes 68 videos and tutorials designed by librarians! Click any section on the left to begin. Each area will list the topics covered. These resources are right here, right now -- so why wait to get started!

If you need personal attention, we would love to help! We have a librarian in the building from 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM CT, Monday through Thursday. Librarians are also available on the weekend from 12 noon until 6:00 on Saturdays and 8:00 PM to 12 midnight CT on Sundays (from 2:00 PM to 12 midnight every other week). You can always reach us at 281-649-3180 or text us at 518-633-4687. We'll be glad to help any way that we can!

Dean M. Riley
Library Director

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