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Using CloudSearch: CloudSearch Updates

This guide describes features and search tips for using CloudSearch, the library's discovery system.

Latest News

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Last updated: 20221109/1242


  • Our developers have added new updates for the facets (a.k.a. limiters or filters).
  • The facets are now collapsed as you do your searching. You can open as many as needed.
  • You can now switch between numerical and A to Z. CloudSearch defaults to numerical. The left example below where the default is numerical (number of articles from that journal that fit the parameters of the search). The example on the left shows what happens when click the A to Z button. The list gets resorted alphabetically.



Restricting Results to HCU Subscriptions

  • Our lead developer has created a new scope profile to limit results to HCU holdings plus Open Access articles.

  • Remember this is a TEST profile and there are a few bugs.
  • Purpose: Restrict to HCU Holdings and Open Access only.
    • Recall that CloudSearch searches its entire database of 150,000,000 records. It is difficult to find HCU subscriptions in that of a database.
  • You may click a View button (accessible articles) and still be unable to access full-text content.
  • You will still see Find buttons (no access). If so, click the Electronic Subscription button to review more information about the article and journal. It may be under embargo and the publisher may have restricted access for a certain period of time.
    • NOTE: Sometimes that button may not work.  The developer knows this and is working to correct it.
  • Our developers are working to develop an AtoZ journal lookup page. This will look up specific journal titles and give you all the points of access along with other information (e.g., publisher-mandated restriction dates, a.k.a. embargoes) in order to find specific citations.
  • Expected delivery date: late November.
  • Our developers are working to develop an Advanced Search page similar to what was used in HBU OneSearch. This will allow patrons to create search strings with multiple terms, phrases, and field limiters (title, subject, etc.) to take more  control over your search.
  • The current Advanced Search page is more akin to Google's Advanced Search page
  • Expected delivery date: December.