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Fetch It

Fetch It is Moody Library's plan for circulating books during the pandemic when the book stacks will be closed.

Welcome to Fetch It!


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What is Fetch It?

This is a way for librarians and library staff to fetch books for our registered patrons. They will fetch them, check them out to you and bag them for pickup while the book stacks are closed. Studies are showing that the COVID virus can survive up to three days on typical library book materials. Our goal is to keep our most valuable asset safe -- our patrons! Just fill out a form if you know what you want the librarians and library staff to retrieve for you.

How Does It Work?

This guide will give you pointers on how to improve your use of the catalog as the book stacks cannot be explored in person. We do have a virtual shelf browsing option to help! After browsing, just click use the live form at the end of the tutorial or click the Request book link to order your books. The form has slots for four books. If you need more, feel free to request them and select a day to come pick them up. If they are not what you need, we do ask that you bring them back as soon as possible to help your fellow students.



  • Front Desk: 281-649-3304
  • Catalog or Reference Help:
  • General Questions:
  • Chat: Look for the popup boxes on all library web pages and LibGuides. Green means we are available!