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The work you are doing is metaphorically similar to a potter shaping clay. Anything you do will change the shape. Anything you do in your research will shape that given search and its results. Remember, while you are shaping the project, God is also shaping you. Your excellent work as a researcher can lead people to Christ you may never imagine! (see Isaiah 64:8).


The purpose of this LibGuide is to help all types of students learn the key principles for developing a good search strategy for high-end, complex research projects. Research is not a linear process and you will be repeating many of the included steps at different times and in different orders.

  • Outlining the Process: This covers many of the major search details involved in developing useful searches.
  • Several of the steps in the Outlining section refer to the two other tabs at the top and are placed there for your convenience.

I would happy to meet with anyone to review these or work with you to apply them to specific situations.

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