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New TexShare Resources: Fall 2022 Update, Changes, and Losses: Home

This guide describes new and dropped resources from the State Library of Texas TexShare database consortia.

The purpose of this guide is to acquaint faculty and students with information regarding the resources from the State Library of Texas consortia group in which Moody Library participates -- TexShare.

The State Library evaluates contracts in a major manner every five years and this year was such a year. There were some major surprises -- primarily the loss of all EBSCO databases at the end of May 2023. This guide will help introduce the new databases and resources that will be coming in its place.

Senior Librarian: Digital Resources, Library Systems, Special Collections, Dissertations

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Dean Riley

Professor of Library Science

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*MALS, University of Missouri

*MARE, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

*BME, University of Texas, San Antonio

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