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These articles are "food for thought". These are to let students know what is being said; HCU does NOT ACCLAIM these to be "the truth" or our future.


Wheatley, A. & Hervieux, S. (2019, January 1). Artificial intelligence in academic libraries: An environmental scan. Information Services & Use, 39(4), 347-356.


"An Oxford University group looked at the future of the workforce in an AI-dominated world, seeking to identify which professions were most likely to become run by machines. Their results found that on a basis of 0 being a non-computerizable position and 1 being highly-computerizable, librarians ranked a 0.645 [5]. This unsettling reality should have awoken librarians, instead the profession reacted as it did to most technological revolutions - it waited. In fact, it is still waiting. In this paper, the authors explore how librarians and librarianship are reacting to the current increase in AI-related research and technology. By examining the top research institutions in the United States of America and Canada, the authors hope to identify whom, if anyone at all, is leading the charge toward integrating AI into the profession."

Articles from HCU Library Databases

Articles on the Web. (Not necessarily Peer Reviewed).

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Caution: Hyperlinks to articles within this article have current heading dates but actually are linking to older material.

Thomas, M. (2021, April 14).The future of AI: 7 ways artificial intelligence will change the world.

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