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What you need to know now: How to find Continuing Nursing Education

Searching in a Nutshell

What is here?

FIRST WATCH THE VIDEO TO THE RIGHT which starts from the Library Homepage:

The video shows you how to ...

1. Log into the Nursing Full Text Plus Database from the Moody Library.

2. Log into THE ACCOUNT I MADE in this database for this class.

3. Pull up the search I SAVED that limits to Continuing Nursing Education found in specific journals Professor Priest suggested.

Box 1: Instructions from your Professor and Librarian


Searching for Continuing Education Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles Go to Library Webpage.

Left side >> Find Articles using Databases >> Nursing & Kinesiology (top middle blue tabs) >> Nursing Full Text Plus (Ovid) (right column) >> Log in again (if you’re off campus with YOUR login/password) >> Click My Account (on top right) >> Sign in using 15Priest and Priest15 (don’t save PW) >> My Workspace (top blue bar) >> My Searches & Alerts (below top blue bar) >> Click box in “Permanent Searches” then Run >> click “Search” ) in blue bar on top) >> (The process of loading these takes some time.)


Now scroll down on loaded Ovid page below the Search History to see an extensive list of journal articles. These are actually only the “CE” portions of the journal articles. When you find articles you want to review and develop for the assignment, write down the citation information at this time. You can click on them here, but you will only see the CE.


Look at boxes on right “Box 2: Hyperlinked Journal Titles”. Find the journals you need and click the hyperlink journal title for the correct one with your citation. Find the correct year, the correct volume, the correct related article title, the correct issue, and the correct page. The pages may not be exactly what the citations said. (The CEs are usually after the article.)

If you still have problems after working through this, contact Librarian Diane Casebier at or 281-649-3178.

VIDEO: Watch Video for How to Log into saved search in Nursing Full Text Plus (OVID)

Box 2: Hyperlinked Journal Titles

Here is a list of some journals where students will find CNEs, CE, CEUs.

(Login with login/password.)

IMPORTANT: Some Journals like Journal of Neuroscience Nursing may say they have to current/present but actually have a hidden Embargo where they will not let you view the "current or latest" issue.  In September I found a citation for October 2015 but I could only view August 2015 for example.)


NOTE: The journals  above not linked to Nursing Full Text Plus can be found by clicking the journal name. The CINAHL database has a CEU limit you can try for Journal of Nursing Management & The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. Our Science Direct database has the Applied Nursing Research journal.  You will  have to search for the continuing education material. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing is in the Health Reference Center Database.  Titles that are NOT hyperlinked do not match the date critreia or the library does not have subscription to that journal.