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Using E-books

Procedures for how to download E-books to tablets or smartphones. This feature is available to HCU students only.


Downloading E-books is somewhat problematic as protocols change as technology changes. This is the latest information we have; however, you may not know that downloading is no longer required! Students can read any E-book online straight from the publisher whether it is an EBSCO or ProQuest E-book. In fact, you can read E-books on your tablet without needing to download saving the trouble of deleting the files after they are auto-checked in on the due date.


Accessing E-books

Be aware that digital books purchased by Moody Library come with licenses, which equates to checking out a book. In most cases, the library has one license per book although there can be exceptions. If we have one license, then only one person can use the book at a time. Some digital books will have three licenses, which is the most any will have. If you find a book from the EBSCO or ProQuest Ebook collections, they will have four licenses. If you cannot get access to a book, then most likely someone else is using it and you will have to wait to use it or find something else that is available.

Downloading E-books

NOTE: You do NOT need to download Ebooks for general viewing purposes. You can read online on any device and works well on tablets. It may be more challenging to read on mobile phones but it can be done. The overall reading experience has improved over the years. We do not recommend downloading E-books on laptops at all. We do recommend just reading the ebook on your device. In fact, you can bookmark. It will still require logging in with your HCU email address and password.



1. Both EBSCO and Ebook Central require the use of Adobe DRM. EBSCO requires an EBSCOHost account. You can click the Sign In button on any EBSCO database (in the blue menubar). You will need to authorize your device with Adobe Digital Rights Management. You can use Adobe on tablets, phones, or laptops. If you want to download the entire book to read, we recommend using a tablet.

2. EBSCO E-books will require you to use a personalized EBSCO account (free). You must create this first before downloads will be possible. Go to an Ebsco database. You will need to login to the proxy server first but you will also need click the Sign In buttonand create a free EBSCO account. You will need to sign-in every time in order to download an e-book. Use a familiar username and password.

3. Other access issues: Be aware that accessing E-books from work or a school (if you are a teacher) may or may not depending on the firewall setup for your organization. If you get access error messages, then try using your mobile device and try access that way.

DOWNLOAD NOTE: E-books can be downloaded to one device only! Otherwise, you will need to view it instead on another device.