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About the Library

Gifts in Kind

General Book Donations

Moody Library gladly accepts donations of books and other library materials from personal collections. Donations from any field of academic study are needed and appreciated. Criteria for accepting gifts are curriculum needs, the condition of the book, and available shelf space. Materials not added to the collection will be sold at the Library's annual book sale, and the proceeds will go to the library.

If you wish to donate materials to the HBU's library, please contact the Acting Director, Dean Riley (281-649-3182 or or the Library's Administrative Assistant (281-649-3435) to arrange a time for you to bring the donation. All donors will receive a letter from the library giving the number of items donated.  The library cannot appraise a donated collection.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Your gift of $25 or more may be used to purchase one or more books in the subject of your choice as a memorial or a tribute to an individual or to commemorate a special occasion. Once your donation is received, the Library will send a letter to the family of the honored person(s), notifying them of your thoughtful gift. Each book purchased through a memorial/tribute donation will bear a personalized bookplate commemorating the person or the event.

Monetary Contributions

Moody Library greatly appreciates your consideration of donating monetary contributions of any amount.  Donors wishing to support the library and its mission should contact Dean M. Riley, Library Director at 281-649-3182 or the University Office of Advancement at 281-649-3222. All donated funds will be used in accordance with the wishes of the donor subject as directed by the Advancement Office.