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About the Library

How to Print from Laptops


Photocopying is available on the second floor of the library. Cash copies are 15 cents/page for 8 1/2 x 11 copies and 20 cents/page for 11x17. Copy cards are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk. You can place whatever dollar amount you would like on the card. For the initial card, the dispenser will deduct 50 cents for the cost of the card. All additional money will be placed on that card.

Tutorial and Printing Costs

We have a MyPrint tutorial that is available to walk you through the website. The tutorial describes how to print, how to add money, how to check your history, and how to print from your mobile device.

  • Library Student Printers LIBSTU (downstairs) or LibStu-2 (upstairs): $.04/page (four cents/page)
  • Color Printer (LIBSTU-COLOR): $.46/page (forty-six cents/page)
  • Guest Printer: $.10/page (no wireless printing available)


Release of Liability

Wireless printing is provided for students’ convenience only. Students accept all risks associated with wireless printing such as but not limited to failed print jobs, lost/misplaced printouts, printouts picked up by another person, exposure of personal/private data, etc. HBU may not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from wireless printing.

Printing from a personal computer via the wireless network will incur the regular printing charges as outlined at the MyPrint website. 


1. Go to the MyPrint web page. This is the same page you use to add money to your printing account. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE REGULARLY! As you follow the steps below, you will not see anything about your balance as you do on the library computers. 

2. Click either of the top two icons and log in with your HBU network ID and password.

3. Click the Print icon.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions: 

a) Select and Upload file.

b) Click the printer and location desired. All campus printersThe library color printer is listed here. NOTE: If you select LIBSTU (the regular black and white printer), you will see a checkmark beside "color" printing option. Do not be concerned. This printer only makes black and white copies and you will only be charged four (4) cents per page.

c)  Select printing options desired (two-sided, etc.). If you select the color printer, then the color box is automatically selected. 

5. Click "Finish." 

6. Also, click the "Print Now" Button! If this is not done, the document will NOT print!

7. Retrieve your copy.



A. Since this is a web page, this will work for any laptop (PC or MAC).

B. There is a separator page, however, it will not include your HBU network name. It will show MYPRINT$ instead. Please retrieve your documents carefully and do not get them mixed up with other student's papers.


Special Note about Printing from PowerPoint

Disclaimer: There is a CURRENT bug problem while trying to print PowerPoint slides. If you want to print multiple slides for handouts, then this will be a problem. In this case, we recommend that you print on some other non-campus printer. The MyPrint developers are aware of the problem and plan to correct it in the next release.